Prescription: Which “Road” Do You Choose? 

The Road to Nowhere

The “Road”.

“Have you ever noticed that some people on this ‘road of life’ do not realize how lost they really are?  They will blame the ‘road of failure’ on their circumstance.  They will blame the ‘path of procrastination’ on their fears and the ‘one-way street’ of their unfulfillment on the backs of others.  How do they fail to see they possess the map of their future from within? They could be empowered by their belief that they are the holder of their fate and it will rescue them from a destiny of ‘dead end streets’.”-Denise Anne Taylor, Career Catalyst

ACCOUNTABILITY (Uh-koun-tuh-bil-i-tee):  The state of being accountable, liable, answerable.

The “highway of life” is full of twists and turns.  Navigating impending “potholes” and “bumps” along the way are a part of the learning that is in preparation for the road ahead.  It is how one deals with and chooses the best possible “street” at that point and at that time which will determine an outcome and that outcome leads to a journey of self discovery filled with continuous learning.  It’s what you do with the learning that will determine if you remain “stalled” or head in a new direction of possibilities.

Some will choose to use the “rearview” mirror, on a daily basis, out of fear. That person is continually looking back and in doing so may miss the possibilities that present themselves in that moment.

Others will never leave the “driveway” in fear of the unknown and miss the opportunities to redirect their course.  Those that get in “gear” and are determined to travel the road of the unknown, with a “destination” of actively participating in their life, create more options in their travels and therefore seemingly appear to make the adventure of success look easy.  However, it came at the price of travelling down the “open road” with no promises.

Leave home, lay of the “brakes” and take the chance for a new beginning that is waiting to be travelled and find your truth on the “road” ahead.  Which “road” do you choose?


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