Prescription: Quick Start Tips for Your Job Interview.


TIP:  Take time to learn more about the company and the people; PRIOR to the job interview.


  • Record yourself using your mobile phone or other recording device to practice your responses to possible job interview questions.

TIP:  Role-play with a friend or family member or practice in front of a mirror; continue to practice until you have total confidence in talking about you and your work history and experiences. You must show you are certain of where you have been and where you are going.


  • Be on time. Arrive 10–15 minutes before the interview.

TIP:  Map out location and travel time to company. Be aware of construction, accidents, and weather alerts.

  • Self-confidence. Practice a firm handshake, use direct eye contact and be aware of too much fidgeting or your nervous habits to increase and demonstrate your confidence level.
  • Enthusiasm and a Smile. A genuine smile demonstrates enthusiasm.

TIP:  You are under observation at all times; remember the receptionist or greeter is also watching you and your behavior in the lobby or reception area of the company and they have influence, too. Be gracious and kind to everyone and avoid talking to loud or discussing personal matters in the lobby or restroom on your mobile phone.

  • Hygiene and Attire.  Better to be over-dressed than under-dressed for a job interview.  Employers can always “dress” you down; it is more difficult to determine if they can “dress” you up.

TIP:  Manicured nails, for men and women, add attention-to- detail that will not go unnoticed; shined shoes; ironed clothing; good hygiene, are important to creating your positive first impression.


  • Avoid giving off negative energy; looking for a job can be frustrating, scary and overwhelming. Remember, each job interview opportunity is one more chance for you to prove you are the right person for the job.

TIP:  Need help to maintain a positive attitude when looking for a job? Try to find gratitude in daily events, visualize your success at the job interview, listen to your favorite music or songs, or take action in your daily living that bring joy to others, like volunteering.


  • Preparation and practice will help contribute to settling nerves and provides you with added confidence. If you are uncomfortable during the job interview, the hiring manager will become unsettled, too.

TIP:  Find time to exercise, take a brisk walk, practice deep breathing, and practice tough job interview questions to help you remain calm.


  • Keep answers short, meaningful and to the point.

TIP:  Use the job posting for hints on how to respond to job interview questions based on the job qualifications, requirements and duties featured in the description and match your background with their needs.

Good Luck!


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